My name is Karen Work Richardson.  I live on a farm in rural southeast Virginia. We grow vegetables and keep chickens and pigs.

My “day” job is as the Executive Director of the Virginia Society for Technology in Education. I love working with educators to figure out how technology to help us innovate in education.

I am an undying advocate for teachers.  I taught public school for 13 years, first as a high school English teacher and then as a middle school language arts and technology teacher.  I worked hard and so did my colleagues.  Sure, I met a few lazy teachers but not many.  Most were committed to providing the best educational experiences they could for the students in their classroom.  The teachers I meet now are constantly grappling with how to make education fun and worthwhile even while they feel the pressure of preparing their students for high stakes testing.

I am still teaching: now, I work with graduate students at Virginia Commonwealth University and James Madison University, teaching online courses related to online learning, administration and instructional design.

I’ve kept some kind of blog since 2003.   My first blog is still around: Virginia’s Community of Learning blog just provides links of interest to educators.  I post sporadically.  My personal blog is called In One Place.  It was supposed to be the one place where I posted but I decided at some point that I needed a blog reserved specifically for professional blogging. Now, you can read my professional blog at this website: In Another Place.

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