Technology Leadership Learning Resources

This page includes links to resources related to the Technology, Leadership and Learning presentation given October 15, 2015, for Chesterfield County Public Schools.

GREAT source for statistics:

The World Is Flat, Tom Friedman:

Friedman’s Flatteners and Steroids:

Roku’s Reward:

Andrew Rotherham:

Partnership for 21st Century Skills:

Tony Wagner’s Seven Survival Skills:

Warren Bennis, On Becoming  Leader:

Google on Hiring:

Scott Gerber, Why 2012 Will Be the Year of the Entrepreneur:

Tom Friedman, Need A Job? Invent It:


Shirley Sherrod:

This Indexed:

ISTE Computational Thinking:

Google Computational Thinking:

Forbes Magazine on Coding:


Caine’s Arcade:

Super Awesome Sylvia: