Blogs for Educators

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Why are Blogs Different than Websites: This article introduces the blog reader to RSS and focuses on using Bloglines. (

Examples of Blogs:

Blogs by Educators : This is my bloglines account that focuses mostly on education blogs. (
Yahoo's Weblog Directory

Setting Up a Blog:

Live Journal:
Blogmeister: (David Warlick's blog site for educators)
Wordpress: (Free blog software)

General Information/Examples for Blogs in Education:

Weblogs: Personal eLearning Space (pdf):
Portland Public Schools Math Weblog:
Andy Carvin:
Goochland County Teacher Blogs:
Will Richardson's Blog:
The Secret Life of Bees:
Virginia's Community of Learning Blog (

Reading Blogs:

Bloglines: An online news aggregator that works right on your browser
Yahoo News Agregators Directory
Open Directory Project Listing